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New Kid

♥Name: Alicia
♥Age: 17
♥Where the fuck you at?: Australia
♥Interests: Writing, movies, internet, friends
♥Favorite Bands (at least five): Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Thursday, The Used, HIM and The Vines
♥Movies: Anything and everything really..
♥What's in your CD player?: Thursday's album - War All of the Time.
♥Do you think you're hott?: Hm, not really.
♥If so, why?: ...
♥Heroes: Alot of people..
♥Tell us a joke, but make it short:

what do you think about ...
♥The mother fuckin government? I gather you mean the American government? I really don't like Bush. Our government isn't much better though, since we've gone along with all that Bush has said. The government is rubbish.
♥Gay Rights? We need more. More gay rights. Our Prime Minister is really against homosexuals, I want to hurt him. Badly.
♥War with Iraq? Pointless. I say get our troops out of there and shove it up Bush's ass. I don't think there was any need for war. We got Saddam Hussen out of it, great. But weren't we susposed to be looking for Osama Bin Laden? Or maybe I missed something.
♥Abortion? In which situation? I don't believe in it because in a way I believe it to be murder - especially if you had sex unprotected and knew what the consenquences could be. However, if it's rape or something I'm not sure what to think. If the mother has the child, how would she explain to it where it's father is?
I'm really not sure on this one.
♥Racism? There's no need for it. I have no idea how people can be racist, it beats me.

when i say_____, you say _____.
♥pen: Ink.
♥penis: Vagina.
♥farm: Cows.
♥late night: Mysterious.
♥sky: Blue.
♥mosh: Rock.
♥vegetarian: Me.
♥screaming: Throat.
♥punk's soooo dead: Meh.
♥dashboard: Confessional.

Pictures ..

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