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new kid

♥Name: jillian
♥Age: 18
♥Where the fuck you at?: california
♥Interests: music, theatre, computers, movies, walking hollywood blvd. at 4am
♥Favorite Bands (at least five): every time i die, nofx, sugarcult, rancid, the used, homegrown, cursive, straylight run, nirvana
♥Movies: the breakfast club, pretty in pink, drop dead fred, fight club
♥What's in your CD player?: sugarcult - start static
♥Do you think you're hott?: negative.
♥If so, why?: -
♥Heroes: my mother
♥Tell us a joke, but make it short: q: who invented love? a: the poor, so they can fuck for free
mm i'm terrible at jokes.
what do you think about ...
♥The mother fuckin government? oh god. maybe if a woman was elected president, there wouldn't be so many problems.
♥Gay Rights? i think they should have just as many rights as anybody else. on one hand i understand and respect peoples' religious beliefs, but at the same time homosexuals are humans just like the rest of us and deserve to have the same freedoms.
♥War with Iraq? i think that ended a long time ago and there's no point for our troops to be over there anymore.
♥Abortion? i'm on the fence about this one. i believe it's murder no matter what, but a woman has a right to choose what she wants to do with her body.
♥Racism? racism is one of the most disgusting things in this world. period.

when i say_____, you say _____.
♥pen: crayon
♥penis: noodle
♥farm: moo
♥late night: hookers
♥sky: blue
♥mosh: pain
♥vegetarian: tofu
♥screaming: moaning
♥punk's soooo dead: psh, you're dead.
♥dashboard: your hair is everywhereeeeeee...

i'm retarded. let's do this shit. <3
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