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?Name: Hilary

?Age: 18

?Where the fuck you at?: Titusville, FL REPRESENTIN THE <321.

?Interests: photography but not the attention whorey scene as fuck kind, playing guitar and bass guitar, drawing and painting, SEX SEX SEX. I'm a big english and general semantics geek too.

?Favorite Bands (at least five): Rancid (yeah talk your shit, you know I don't give a fuck), Adicts, Conflict, LFATB, The Pist, the list goes on and on.

?Movies: Damn I love movies. I love old kids' movies like The Neverending Story and The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. A Clockwork Orange of course, love me some ultra-violence and the old in-out in-out. Super-Troopers. SLC Punk always cracks me up. I'm a sucker for disney movies too because I'm a kid at heart, especially Lilo and Stitch, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid.

?What's in your CD player?: Conflict-- There's No Power Without Control.

?Do you think you're hott?: Baby, I know it.

?If so, why?: Because I'm an egotistical attention whore with nothing better to do than take pictures of myself, play with them in photoshop, and get into rating communities. (That's sarcasm, kids. I actually just think I'm hot because of a little thing I call self-confidence.)

?Heroes: PATTY FUCKING GOODSON. No, honestly though, Joeseph Manley Stokes, Jr.

?Tell us a joke, but make it short: What's red and silver and crawls into walls?
A baby with forks in it's eyes.

what do you think about ...
?The mother fuckin government? Where should I start. The two-party system is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of, because we now base the way our country is run around the philosophies of a very select group of individuals who lived a couple hundred years ago and could never fathom the problems OR the fucking population of today. If ya wanna know how I really feel, it all goes back to being a nihilist and believing that the human race was fucked from the beginning because of our self-serving and greedy nature, so a "good" government, being made up of PEOPLE, is really not possible now is it?

?Gay Rights? Being bi-sexual I really have a ridiculously hard time seeing how anyone could see bi-sexual and homosexual people as such a problem. I was always told growing up "you can't tell someone how to love." I always just felt that when I fell in love with a person, I would be falling in love with the PERSON, not the genitals. Gay people are just people like anyone else, they love just like anyone else and they just want to live like anyone else. We obviously shouldn't have any kind of legal immunity or protection, but it goes without saying to me that a person should be free to live as they please within the bounds of the law regardless of sexual preference.

?War with Iraq? We're going to kill those goddamned terrorists! What, they had nothing to do with 9-11? Well they've got WMD's those fucking towel heads! WMD's! WMD's! What, no WMD's? We're just liberating the people of Iraq from a cruel dictatorship! SO THAT WE CAN TELL THEM HOW TO LIVE INSTEAD OF SADDAM HUSSEIN?!?!?! fuck.that.shit.

?Abortion? If it's in my uterus it's MY FUCKING BUSINESS. I don't care if it makes me a murderer, I'M the one who has to live with that on my conscience for the rest of my life, so don't worry about it.

?Racism? Absurd. How people honestly see themselves as so different from someone with differently colored skin makes no sense to me. We're ALL humans, end of story.

when i say_____, you say _____.
?penis: suck my.
?farm: factory.
?late night: conan o'brien.
?sky: vodka.
?mosh: circle pit, none of this mosh pit bullshit.
?vegetarian: and proud of it.
?screaming: orgasm.
?punk's soooo dead: fuck you, you goddamn cunt. lick my asshole.
?dashboard: VOMIT

Photoshopped all to hell. Sorry, I gotta make up for how hard my digital camera blows.

I actually hate this picture because I look so NOT like myself, but I look pretty hot in it.

Yeah so my face isn't in that one, get a look at that smokin body!

Just to prove that I can be all girrrrly like pretty.

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