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new kid

Name: alisha
Where the fuck you at?: long beach*cali
Interests:music, late night talks about sex, friends, sports, taking random pictures, hangin out
Favorite Bands (at least five): incubus, senses fail, sahara hotnights, linkin park, rhcp, the smashing pumpkins
Movies: butterfly effect, rocky horror picture show, ferris beulers day off, finding nemo =) heh more..just cant think =\
What's in your CD player?: sahara hotnights [kisss and tell]
Do you think you're hott?:..honestly...no =\
If so, why?:
Heroes:anyone whos in a band..i absolutly love music and if you can contribute to something so great..then youre awesome and i love you..marry me?
Tell us a joke, but make it short: there are two muffins in an oven...muffin number one says to muffin number two...damn its hot in here!...muffin two then says to muffin one...i didnt know muffins could talk o.0
stupid i know...im amused easily
what do you think about ...
The mother fuckin government?..i dont like bush..hes screwd up a lot of things and umm..he should die?
Gay Rights? i am so for it. gay ppl are ppl too and just because they like the same sex doesnt really make them annny different. they have feelings too and shouldnt be told who they can or cant date/marry...
War with Iraq? umm..i dont raelly know whats going on with that war..but..i dont think war solves anything so anti war i guess?
Abortion? pro choice..personally i dont think its the greatest thing..but if the kid is going to be better off not born because the mother cant handle it or something..then go for it
Racism? i cant stand it. i honestly dont understand why someone wouldnt like another person becuase of their skin color or race or ethnicity or whatever. im just really oblivious to the reason why someone wouldnt like another for such a stupid reason...

when i say_____, you say _____.
pen: notes
late night: chats
mosh: rock on
punk's soooo dead: errrm...
dashboard:i am vindicated....

Post at least 5 pictures of yourself.
(no nude pictures please, nobody cares how great your weiner is) what if i dont have a weiner? o.0

im on the left...this was about 4am after rocky horror<3

eh..ima dork..what can isay?

im on the left with the green shirt thinger...
these are all horrible pictures and will probably be the reason you guys wont like me but..
worth a try right?

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