When Zombies Attack (bunnymachinegun) wrote in hott_like_whoax,
When Zombies Attack

new kid

♥Where the fuck you at?:Alabama
♥Interests:shows, music, reading, wrestling, zombie killing, movies, riding my bike, friends, writing, 50s stuff, 80s dance parties, singalongs
♥Favorite Bands (at least five):less than jake, social distortion, rancid, the queers, tiger army, ramones, the clash, mr. t experience, juliana theory, against me
♥Movies:splendor in the grass, texas chainsaw massacre, night of the living dead, heavyweights, harriet the spy, get over it, slackers, rebel without a cause
♥What's in your CD player?:rancid and mates of state and less than jake
♥Do you think you're hott?:sometimes
♥If so, why?:because sometimes i think my hair or face just looks crappy some days and some days not...maybe it has something to do with my mood swings.
♥Heroes:my mom. my dad.
♥Tell us a joke, but make it short:whats the square root of 69? 8 something. ate something? get it? haha. i dunno, it's lame but less than jake told it at a show <3

what do you think about ...
♥The mother fuckin government?it has its good points and its bad...i mean we have it a lot better than some places. but of course there are always things we could change to make it way better.
♥Gay Rights?equal rights fo sho.
♥War with Iraq?hmm...i don't know. i wouldn't want to fight for my country in a war but i don't want it to be detroyed either...i am torn.
♥Abortion?no thanks.
♥Racism?no way. that is just lame.

when i say_____, you say _____.
♥pen:write shit
♥farm:chihuahua...because i want a chihuahua farm
♥late night:dance party
♥mosh:i will punch you in the face
♥vegetarian:i like dead animals
♥screaming:shut up
♥punk's soooo dead:punk will never die
♥dashboard:driving in my car
here we go...

me and the boy...

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