morgan (xbiafrax) wrote in hott_like_whoax,

new kid

♥Name: Morgan
♥Age: 14
♥Where the fuck you at?: London
♥Interests: painting, writing, drinking, reading, the usual boring 14 year old crap.
♥Favorite Bands (at least five): alkaline trio, metric, the knockoffs, the dead kennedys, bright eyes, tiger army, against me!, the cure, misunderstood?, the cockney rejects, the aquabats, the ventures, catch 22, the stand G.T., nirvana, the misfits, too lazy to list them all.
♥Movies: fight club, trainspotting, the people vs. larry flint, the goonies, lock stock and two smoking barrels, resivoir dogs, dogma, seven, snatch, billy madison, pulp fiction, a clockwork orange, scarface
♥What's in your CD player?: the knockoffs: keep on thrashing
♥Do you think you're hott?: lyke totuly
♥If so, why?: -shrug-
♥Heroes: roy mcdonald...hes goes around downtown playing his guitar and has a house full of like 8,000 books and hes got this blazer covered in pins that say 'hugs not drugs' and hes got a beard that goes to the ground and he talks to everyone about literature and talks to the homeless people. hes real nice.
♥Tell us a joke, but make it short: how many punks does it take to change a light bulb? none, punks never change anything. BAHAHAHAH you knows it.

what do you think about ...
♥The mother fuckin government? i'm canadian =/
♥Gay Rights? the fact that it's even an issue is fucking retarded. someones sexual prefrence is their own business, i mean they're born attracted to the same sex. the fact that they dont get treated like everyone else because of a personal prefrence is apauling.
♥War with Iraq? oil.
♥Abortion? if you ilegalise it woman are going to find more harmful ways of doing it. coat hangers maybe? i think that its kind of wrong that you could be killing the next steven king or something, but i mean what if having a child puts the mother at risk of dying? and the population keeps increasing. right-o, the next thing we need is another homeless child who's going to starve to death on the streets or get raped by some old pedophile.
♥Racism? god forbid should people adapt to their surroundings. did you know white people are just a genetic mutation from diffrent races such as people who come from africa? and why discrimiate someone for the colour of their skin, or beleifs? it pisses me off.

when i say_____, you say _____.
♥pen: ink poisoning
♥penis: wrinkles
♥farm: metric
♥late night: vodka
♥sky: thunderstorms
♥mosh: skank
♥vegetarian: another roadside attraction
♥screaming: sidewalks
♥punk's soooo dead: get over it
♥dashboard: chris needs pamprin

lets get this over with.

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