plkadtsandtears (plkadtsandtears) wrote in hott_like_whoax,


?Where the fuck you at?:tampa,florida
?Interests:shows clothes music,polka dots,make-up,mod jewelery
?Favorite Bands (at least five):underoath,senses fail,bright eyes,hawthorne heights,atreyu,the early november,matchbook romance,alexisonfire,FATA,fall out boy,dead poetic,tbs,as i lay dying,poison the well,norma jean
?Movies:pretty in pink,16 candles,how to deal,igby goes down,rock and roll high school,can't hardly wait
?What's in your CD player?:senses fails new cd let it enfold you
?Do you think you're hott?:because my hair is pretty
?If so, why?:because it is
?Heroes:my friend cassandra because shes the only person i know who is herself and doesnt care
?Tell us a joke, but make it short:(its lame)the blonde goes to school and is looking for her pencil and then finds out her tampon is behind her ear....

what do you think about ...
?The mother fuckin government?whats the point this country is shit ,im moving to canada
?Gay Rights?they should be able to so whatever they want to do they are humans too
?War with Iraq?clean up over there and come home
?Abortion?its a womens choice
?Racism?some people are ignorant cant change that

when i say_____, you say _____.
?farm:cornerstone(huge music fest in illinois)
?late night:phone calls
?vegetarian:sounds like a plan
?screaming:hardXcore all the way
?punk's soooo dead:whatever
?dashboard:sucks except when he was in fsf

sorry its all i have until i get my cam fixed i understand if you dont let me join because of it

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